Jackie Matisse

"I make and fly kites to play with color and line in the sky. My kites play games with the light, hide and seek with the clouds. They push and pull on the wind. They challenge the birds. My hand grows longer and longer until I feel I am somehow in contact with that immensity into and out of which all things come and go. The kite itself is a reference to the human: so fragile and yet so strong. It is also a reference to constant movement, sinuous movement, the movement of dreams and childhood. A child on the street rarely walks in a straight line. It plays while it goes, in and out, around and about. That is what birds in flight do. That is what my kites do. I wish to create "sky works" however ephemeral. Kites are an instrument for this. They put line and color into the sky and sculpt the air. They play game of freedom." 



East Fork Pottery was founded in 2010.  I make a full range of functional and sculptural ceramics, fired in a large wood-burning kiln.  Striving to understand my place in the tapestry of American ceramics, I hold the past, present, and future on equal ground for the three in concert make the most beautiful chord. 


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