The Forest Bells-2.JPG

Forest Bells


Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Rope, Teak

28” x 136”

Six aluminum bells, in the shape of organ chimes, hang from the limbs of oak trees in a forest in Groton, MA.  They ring quietly when someone pulls an attached rope.    “Forest Bells” was commissioned by The Artists Valentine Project and dedicated to the students at Indian Hill Arts.

To find “Forest Bells”, take Route 119 to Groton, then Old Ayer Road south toward Ayer from Route 119 at the triangle common before or after the Mobil Station.  Then, turn left onto Indian Hill Road and go all the way to the end.  Park cars, but not near the house at the end.  Walk back to the end and bear left up a dirt road into the trees.  Continue along this road, passing at one point under power lines and continuing down into forest.  At the next obvious fork, with the main path going up to the right, turn sharp left on to the side road.  About 50 yards later there are a group of fallen trees barring an old road leading uphill to the right.  Walking over or around the fallen trees, follow that road up the hill.  Continue until you find yourself in a grove of hemlocks, quite different from the pines and oaks all around.  You are at the Forest Bells.